How to Grow Culantro / Recao / Eryngium foetidum

How to Grow Culantro / Recao / Eryngium Foetidum

Inside / Outside April 18, 2010

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Started another set of plants today and will leave them outside on my porch to compare how these grow with the ones inside on my windowsills.

My one plant that I have left from my original crop has some sort of tiny bug at the soil line. The bugs are not throughout the soil but mainly based at the plant / soil line. I have done extensive research and do not know what they are. Tried to get video but they are too small to show up good. Thinking I’ll email the company that I purchased the new plants / seeds from and see if they know anything.

Will report on growth in a few days. Hopefully the two transplants will do well and I’ll transplant the other two.


Peat Pellets! April 17, 2010

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I started some culantro seeds today in the Jiffy Windowsill Greenhouse. Put warm water in the bottom, watch the pellets grow and drop your seeds in. Cover and wait. 🙂


I have the 12 count green houses and I have two with culantro seeds and on different windowsills in my house. We’ll have to see if they grow the same but I think they will since they are on the same side of the house.

What I’m wondering about is once my seeds sprout and I replant the peat pot, do I need to cut out the bottom to let the roots grow through? I’m think the little netting would be easy for the roots to go through but I’m not sure. Of course all my speculation is putting the cart before the horse so to speak.


How to Grow Culantro / Recao / Eryngium foetidum April 15, 2010

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A lady who I used to know told me about a plant that was similar to cilantro but more intense. She said that she had many of the plants but they were not purchased locally. Her plants were originally brought from Cuba and she was kind enough to bring me one.

I fell in love with Culantro (Cuban Cilantro) but had no idea how to grow it myself. She would say that all I had to do was let it “flower” and take the seeds when they turned brown and twist them in between my fingers into the soil. Keep moist, well drained and in the shade. That was all fine and dandy but I could never get the seeds to germinate.

My original plant turned into several plants and were several years old but a hard winter killed all but one. What was I going to do without my precious culantro??? I started searching on the internet but not much is said about how exactly to grow culantro.

Here is where I’ll keep a log of sorts as to how I’m doing with my new plants and seeds.

I purchased seeds and four plants and they arrived on 4/15.

I let the plants sit on my porch for a few days to acclimate to my climate. Several days later I replanted two of them into larger pots.


I didn’t want to replant all four right away in case it was too soon. We’ll see how it goes.

I am in South Louisiana and our climate is currently in the 80’s during the day and 60’s at night. Humidity is too high right now but that isn’t saying much since we do live in South Louisiana.

More later.